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Shelter-in-place in Beverly Hills area lifted

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

A shelter-in-place that applied to the Berkley School District and a Birmingham Public Schools elementary due to a "police incident" has ended as of early Monday afternoon, police said.

Greenfield Elementary, part of the Birmingham school system but located north of 13 Mile and west of Greenfield in Beverly Hills, closed its campus late Monday morning due to the incident. School officials said there was to be no recess or outside activities, and no entry to the campus. It closed on the advice of Beverly Hills police due to an "incident" at nearby Beaumont Hospital, a school spokeswoman said.

Beaumont itself had little to say on the matter, other than a two-line statement: “Due to a potential threat of violence in the area, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak has a heightened level of security surveillance in place. The campus remains open and we are under normal operations.”

Lt. Keith Spencer of the Royal Oak Police Department said police heard from a military recruiter who had turned away a man for bringing a weapon to a recruitment meeting. The man was last seen in the area of the hospital campus, and police reached out to local schools to recommend they shelter-in-place.

But police have learned that the man is a valid CPL holder, and that he never made any statements indicating he would harm others or himself. He just said he wanted to go home.

Police have not yet reached the man, Spencer said.