Ferndale's OM Cafe is closing its doors, the restaurant announced Tuesday by way of its Facebook page. Those who want one last bite of its vegetarian and vegan fare have two weeks left to visit. 

In a letter, co-owner Jessica Norwood, who doubles as head chef, wrote that the choice to close was "extremely hard" to make, and was put off as long as possible. But that the restaurant's finances no longer supported remaining open for business.

"Mournfully, it just doesn’t make sense financially for us to keep it open any longer," wrote Norwood, who met her husband, now co-owner and general manager Matthew Helsel, while working at the restaurant. 

The restaurant, which opened in 1985, hopes to offer rotating menus, possibly every day, during its final two weeks. 

One Facebook fan of the restaurant called it a "true gem," another praised it for "some of the best meals I've ever had," and a number of people complimented the quality of its service. 

On Monday, the day before the closure announcement was published, the restaurant was closed due to lack of staff. 


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