Auburn Hills police are warning residents about a scam in which callers pose as authorities seeking money, and the callback number recording poses as the Police Department.

The caller tells the victim they must pay for outstanding tickets or warrants or risk arrest, investigators said in a statement Wednesday.

"The caller requests the victim to use various forms of payment such as iTunes cards, or Green Dot pre-paid cards," the release read. "The caller ID number when called back has a voice recording posing as the Auburn Hills Police Department and allows the victim to select from a list of Police Department bureaus in an effort to appear legitimate."

The phone number is not for the Auburn Hills Police Department, which does not take any form of payment for bond or other services over the phone, officials said.

If residents are contacted by a scammer, police advise:

•Do not give out personal information. 

•Do not call the number they provide.

•Refuse to provide any form of payment.

•Hang up and call the Auburn Hills Police Department at (248) 370-9460.

Residents also should share their situation on social media to warn others, police said.

"The best prevention is to make other people aware," department leaders wrote. "Remember, these people put time and effort into their crime and may come across professional, well established and threatening. Your best defense is to never give out any information to someone you do not independently verify their credentials."

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