The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is investigating an early Monday shooting in which a man was wounded and a small dog was also shot. 

The shooting took place about 3 a.m. on the 200 block of West Ann Arbor, which is south of Walton Boulevard and east of Telegraph. Police responded to a reported shooting and, along with Waterford Township firefighters, made entry.

There they found the victim, a male whose age is not immediately available. He'd been shot three times, once to his wrist and twice in his leg. Medics took the victim to McLaren-Oakland hospital, where he was listed in stable condition and is expected to survive. 

Police followed a trail of blood to another home on the block, entered it, and found a small dog that had been shot. The dog survived after being taken to a 24-hour veterinarian clinic. 

At the hospital, police caught up to the victim, who said he'd met a woman at a party store and they'd exchanged phone numbers. Then he got a call from the woman and they agreed to meet at his home.

During their get-together, the woman claimed she needed to grab her phone from her car. But when the victim walked to the door with her, he saw a man "crouched down in hiding on the porch," who'd been waiting for him. The victim said he grabbed the man's gun and was shot in the process, and that two more men came from around the side of the house.

All four of the men escaped on foot.


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