Police have released two dash cam videos showing the arrest of Nathaniel Abraham, who was recently freed after spending years in prison, after he failed to turn himself in to be arraigned on an indecent exposure charge. 

According to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, deputies spotted Abraham walking southbound on Baldwin in Pontiac on Wednesday, and when they tried to take him into custody he ran. Detectives caught up with him and when they tried to arrest him, Abraham "began actively resisting and started striking three deputies with a closed fist," the release said. "They were able to take him into custody after having to deploy a Taser."


Police dash cam video released by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office shows four officers restraining him. Oakland County Sheriff's Office

The videos, released Friday, show police pursuing a suspect identified as Abraham and four officers attempting to subdue him. 

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Abraham had been arrested Monday on an indecent exposure complaint. He was booked and released that day after posting a $100 bond. 

In addition to the indecent exposure, he faces charges of assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. 

On Friday, Abraham argued with a judge during his video arraignment. 


Dash cam video from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office shows a suspect identified by police as Nathaniel Abraham being pursued by police. Oakland County Sheriff's Office

In 1997, Abraham, then 11, fatally shot Ronnie Greene, 18, in the head in Pontiac with a stolen .22-caliber rifle. 

An Oakland County judge sentenced Abraham, who was in the sixth grade at the time, for second-degree murder as a juvenile. He was released from prison in 2007 at age 21.

 A year later, undercover cops caught Abraham in a curbside drug deal in Pontiac. He was carrying 254 ecstasy pills in the trunk of his car. He was sent back to prison to serve a 4-20 year sentence.

In 2011, Abraham, 25 at the time, was accused of assaulting two corrections officers in Adrian.

Abraham was released from parole in June, according to state officials.

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