Anti-Semitic fliers found at Ferndale church

The Detroit News
Ferndale First United Methodist Church had several anti-Semitic flyers taped to the entrances Sunday.

A church in Ferndale found anti-Semitic fliers taped to its doors Sunday morning, it said. 

Ferndale First United Methodist Church said it found the fliers taped to the doors Sunday around 8:43 a.m., said Lt. Casey O'Loughlin of the Ferndale Police Department. 

O'Loughlin said police believe the fliers were placed overnight. An investigation is underway, he said. 

"There are no specific threats being made. It's more of a conspiracy theory," he said. "Free speech is free speech, but it doesn't mean you can post whatever you want wherever." 

According to a photo that the church put on Facebook, the black-and-white fliers promote alt-right websites the Daily Stormer and InfoWars. They also depict stereotypic caricatures of Jewish men and promote a claim that Jews are taking away their free speech. 

The Daily Stormer is an anti-Semitic commentary and message board website that was banned from a series of domains since 2017. Aside from a line that says the fliers are "brought to you by your local Stormer book club," there is no identifying information about who created the fliers or taped them to the church.

A website listed on the flier links to the latest Daily Stormer.

The church, located at 22331 Woodward Ave, says on its website that its mission is "actively work in serving others directly while we also work to create a more just and peaceful world."

Jill Warren, a member of the congregation, posted about the fliers on Facebook, saying: "Be aware that hate groups do exist locally."