Police: Sylvan Lake oil spill may be from gas station

The Detroit News

A large fuel spill that covered portions of Sylvan Lake may have originated from a gas station, authorities said Monday.

A preliminary investigation found that the spill may have started at a Mobil Gas Station on Telegraph Road in the city, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office said in a news release. The fuel emptied into a storm drain system before entering the lake, the release said.

The spill activated the Oakland County Hazmat Team along with the county emergency management team and several other local and state agencies.

The Oakland County Marine Unit and Sylvan Lake Police Department discovered that a "large portion of the lake" was covered with fuel over the weekend after residents living on Sylvan Lake said they smelled the odor of diesel fuel coming from the lake and saw fuel on its surface, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office sent a response team, and deputies forced entry into the Mill Pond Dam control area to close the dam and stem further contamination. Representatives from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Natural Resources were notified of the spill, the statement said.

The DEQ requested hazmat and emergency management teams. The Water Resources Commissioner's Office also called to the scene the county road commission and state Department of Transportation, which found "a known amount of fuel" may have spilled from the storm drain system and emptied into the lake. The discovery of fuel still in storm drains presented a hazard and prompted a response from firefighters from West Bloomfield and the Waterford Regional Fire Department.

Booms were deployed into the water to help trap the fuel. Containment was continuing and the agencies were assessing clean-up needs, the Sheriff's Office statement said.