Ferndale — A Redford man has been charged with assault and battery for inappropriately touching a woman's feet at a Ferndale business, police said.

Authorities are asking anyone else who may be a victim of the man's unwanted touch to call their local police department and report it. 

Brandon Jackson was arraigned on the charge Thursday in 43rd District Court. A judge set his bond at $1,500 and scheduled his next court date for Dec. 27, according to Ferndale Police officials.

The crime is a misdemeanor and if convicted, Jackson faces up to 93 days in jail or a fine of up to $500 or both.

Jackson is accused of tricking a woman, 48, into removing her boots and then touching her feet without her permission and in an inappropriate manner, police said. The incident happened Nov. 21, they said.

He told a woman an insect had crawled into her boot, authorities said. The woman went to a private area of the business to remove her boot to check but found nothing.

She returned and Jackson insisted he saw a bug crawl into her boot, police said. He then removed her boots without her permission and touched her feet.

Officials said the woman felt uncomfortable about Jackson's actions for the next several actions and reviewed the business' security surveillance video of the encounter.

She noticed in the video that Jackson was recording the incident with his mobile phone and she called police the next day.

Detectives tracked Jackson down and obtained a warrant for his cell phone, officials said.

Police found several photographs women's feet and dozens of videos in which he was telling women he saw a bug crawl into their shoes.

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