A Brandon Township man was arraigned this week after investigators found six of 31 farm animals died from being neglected, according to the Oakland County Animal Control. 

Andrew Elroy Scott, 32, was charged with cruelty and neglect of 10 or more animals in 52-2 District Court in Independence Township on Thursday. Scott faces up to four years in prison.

A witness alerted Oakland County Animal Control in October about the condition of horses at Scott's petting zoo at a roadside farm stand in Brandon Township. Investigators obtained a search warrant on Oct. 24 for the property, in the 4500-block of Ramsey Road, with a veterinarian and the Oakland County Sheriff Department deputies. 

Investigators saw several thin animals on Scott’s property. The veterinarian also conducted tests and took fecal samples from the miniature horses. From the fecal samples, the veterinarian determined "the animals were loaded with worms," according to Animal Control.

However, the veterinarian and investigators didn't believe the condition of animals warranted a removal of the animals but ordered Scott to begin veterinary care for the animals, officials said. 

A month later, the department was unable to reach Scott to do a followup and on Dec. 4, they executed another search of Scott's property. 

When they arrived, the animal control investigators found five dead animals (two calves, two goats and a rabbit). 

"One of the calves seized that day died that night," animal control officials said. "One of the goats was in advance stage of decay. The remaining 25 animals that survived included seven sheep, six miniature horses, six goats, five rabbits, and a donkey.

"They are being cared for at a farm with which OCAC contracts."

Scott entered a plea of not guilty at his arraignment i where he was released on $2,500 bond. Conditions of the bond include that he may not be responsible for or in possession of any animals while the case is pending.

He is expected to return to court on Dec. 20 and for a preliminary examination on Dec. 27.
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