Troy parking spot fight leads to alleged threat

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News
Troy Police vehicle

Troy — A 51-year-old Lake Orion man is accused of pointing a gun at another man's head after an argument over a parking space, police said.

The incident allegedly happened at about 4 p.m. Sunday in the 700 block of Jamaica near Stephenson Highway and 14 Mile, according to authorities. Police continue to investigate, no arrests have been made and charges have not yet been filed.

Police were called to the scene to respond to a report of a man threatening another man with a gun. The caller told police the suspect left the area in a blue 2001 Chevrolet Express van.

A short time later, Clawson police officers spotted the vehicle on Hendrickson and Jamaica and pulled it over, officials said.

Troy police officers arrived to help and spoke with the vehicle's driver. They also recovered a holstered 9 mm handgun, authorities said.

The man told police he was in the area with family visiting his mother. He found a note on his windshield that told him not to park in front of another home again, police said.

He went to speak with the residents where he had parked and an argument started.

He told the officers that one of the occupants of the home, a 25-year-old Pontiac man, took an aggressive step toward him, officials said. The suspect then placed his hand on his holstered weapon.

The home's occupants told the suspect they were calling police and he allegedly told them to do so and walked away.

Troy police spoke to the home's occupants, who told officers the man pulled his weapon from its holster and pointed at the side of the victim's head and allegedly said he was going to kill him, according to authorities.

Police said they tried to located the alleged victim, but residents of the home told officers he was frightened from the incident and had run off. The officers later learned the victim had several warrants for his arrest.

Investigators spoke with someone who lives near the scene and she told police she did not see the suspect pull out his weapon or point it at anyone.

Police said officers confiscated the handgun and will keep it until the investigation is completed.

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