As Southeast Michigan battles arctic temperatures that have forced the closure of government offices, schools and colleges Wednesday, motorists on northbound Interstate 75 in Troy will need to duck potholes.

In the 11 a.m. hour, only a left lane was open on I-75 at Big Beaver, due to potholes. And at Livernois, only the right lane is open, per the Michigan Department of Transportation. MDOT announced all lanes of I-75 were open before noon on Wednesday. 

It was the second dust-up on northbound I-75 in Oakland County Wednesday morning.

Earlier, in the 8 a.m. hour, MDOT advised motorists to be "use caution," as two large potholes appeared on the right lane of northbound I-75 at Crooks, which is between Big Beaver and Adams. 

Diane Cross, a spokeswoman for MDOT, said around 9 a.m. that the Road Commission for Oakland County had already filled those two potholes in question and would continue to monitor the situation. 

Potholes have been a problem on that stretch of I-75 this year.

Just last week, potholes in the area between Big Beaver and Crooks sidelined about a dozen cars. Earlier this week, on Monday, Michigan State Police warned of potholes on I-75 in Oakland County and added: "You can expect these potholes to pop up all the way until the road construction begins in March."

MDOT is also monitoring water main breaks on Telegraph at Puritan and at Grand River and Seven Mile, both on Detroit's west side.

Bryan Peckinpaugh, a spokesman for the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, said the department is servicing some 25 water main breaks Wednesday morning, and the Great Lakes Water Authority is repairing one.

The cold weather has led to several water main breaks in recent days, forcing the reassigning of staff who would be working on sewer repairs to fix broken water mains.

"More than 75 crew members are out working Wednesday, he said. Crews have been instructed that no one is to be outside for more than "Five to 10" minutes at a time, he said, with those mini-shifts rotating between workers. 

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