Troy — Some Troy police officers have gotten into trouble for swiping snacks from the city's firefighters, officials said Friday.

In a joint statement from the Troy Police Department and the Troy Fire Department, officials said the officers involved in the snack snatching have been disciplined, and the matter is considered closed by both department's administrations. Officials did not say what the punishment was.

"The Police and Fire Departments look forward to moving ahead with the same outstanding working relationship," the statement said.

City officials said they launched an investigation into allegations that police officers misappropriated munchies from the city's fire stations.

The investigation centered on an incident that happened on Jan. 15 at a Troy fire station. According to officials, several Troy police officers entered a locked walk-in food pantry at the station and stole snacks.

The fire station had been recently remodeled and snacks were moved from an open area in the kitchen to the locked pantry. Officials said 20 police officers admitted to entering the locked room to grab grub, the city said.

The fire department had a long-standing practice of allowing police officers into its stations to a repast, according to authorities. Officers were even given "key fob access to all fire stations within the city, which officers use for meal and restroom breaks."

The officers involved told investigators they believed they were allowed to access the snacks as they had in the past.

"The Troy Police Department holds our police officers to the highest standards and entering an unauthorized area of another city department, no matter what the rationale, is unacceptable," officials said in a statement.

Their access to all city fire stations has been discontinued, officials said.
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