Family of construction worker injured in accident thanks donors

Gregg Krupa
The Detroit News
Daniel Clark Jr.'s family is asking for prayers for a speedy recovery.

After a brutal accident last week on Interstate 75 near Long Lake Road in Troy left Daniel Clark Jr. with serious injuries, his father started a GoFundMe page.

With multiple surgeries behind his son, who suffered a broken pelvis, ribs and had internal bleeding after a truck driven in reverse by a co-worker accidentally backed over him, Daniel Clark Sr. said he will know how much he is loved and encouraged.

The outreach is timely. Clark is slated for surgery Monday to rebuild his pelvis.

“The reason for this video is the GoFundMe page has really achieved its goal,” the father said of the $33,655 collected since April 4, exceeding the goal of $30,000 by more than 10%.

“When I made the GoFundMe page, I had no idea of the support we would be getting,” he said in the video, which was posted online as an update.

“I made the first contribution of $500 so that I could show my son that he had people who loved him. And as his father, I wanted to do that and hoped that a few people might donate small money, a few dollars.

“And, I had no idea it would go up to his $30,000 amount,” Clark said.

“I’m sorry for being emotional, right now … But, this whole video is just to let you know that your donations have been appreciated. Thank you.

“And, as soon as my son wakes up I’m going to make sure that he knows that there are people out there who care. His union buddies, his family, strangers, doctors, people from out of state have helped with money and prayers.

“It’s unbelievable,” Clark said. “I’ve got emails, messages. I’ve been on the news. I’ve been on the radio. And, I can’t help you enough for helping my son, and my grandchildren.”

The incident occurred Wednesday in a closed-off construction zone on Long Lake Road near Interstate 75 in Troy, MDOT spokesman Rob Morosi said last week. A service truck backed over Clark as he worked to move some wires during construction on the freeway, his father said. Clark was run over by the dual wheels of the truck and pinned down.

Clark said his son is on life support in intensive care and has not regained consciousness.

A single parent, raising two daughters after their mother died, and a son from a second marriage, Clark had returned to work only last week after he was laid-off for most of the winter, his father said.

“This is a life-changing event for Daniel,” he said. “The doctors have told us he will not be able to walk for at least three months, and if and when he does he will need a cane and could possibly limp due to the damage to his body.

“When my son wakes up, he’s going to know that people like you have helped him, and it’s going to make his life easier, when he recovers.

“It’s going to be a struggle,” the father said. “I have no idea how bad it’s going to be. Let’s all hope for the best and pray for him that in the coming months and years, even, he’ll be able to try to rebuild his life.

“So, once again, I thank you and appreciate what you have done.

“And if you chose to donate money,” the older Clark said. “I thank you. If you want to send a note, a prayer, everything will be appreciated.

“So, once again, thank you.”