Pontiac — Officers responding Wednesday morning to a 911 call about a woman in Pontiac threatening suicide while wielding a knife zapped a dog who charged at them with a Taser and arrested the woman.

It was about 11:10 a.m. Wednesday when Oakland County deputies responded to the 70 block of Fiddis in Pontiac. That's south of M-59 and west of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Police were called after the woman allegedly threatened to kill herself and others. Deputies told the woman to put down the knife, but she would not, per a statement from the sheriff's office.

Instead, she allegedly "released a large dog that came at deputies in a threatening manner." A deputy pulled out his Taser and zapped the dog, and it ran off. Police arrested the woman, who is 37.

While the dog was taken to Oakland County Animal Control, police transported the woman to a hospital, where she was committed for psychiatric evaluation.

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