Cops: Man hits self in face, crashes into police car

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Brandon Township — A 30-year-old Madison Heights man was arrested in Brandon Township Tuesday after allegedly striking a police car with his vehicle, which was then searched and found to have crack cocaine inside, police said.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office responded to South Baldwin and Seymour Lake about 2 p.m. Tuesday, after a man drove onto a woman's property and let himself into her backyard.

Police say he got out of his car and started hitting himself in the face as he danced and yelled.

The woman called police. When the suspect emerged from the backyard, deputies told him to sit on his vehicle and not move.

Instead, police say, the suspect went "in and out of his vehicle," then drove toward deputies, hitting the police car in the driveway.

The man got back out of the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot, police say. 

Deputies fired a Taser at him, but it didn't have an effect. On the second shot, the suspect suffered "neuromuscular interruption" and was arrested, police say.

Police searched the suspect's vehicle and allegedly found suspected crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. The vehicle was impounded.

Deputies took the suspect to McLaren Hospital for a blood draw and a medical check before dropping him off at the Oakland County Jail, pending charges.

The damaged police vehicle was towed away.