Farmington Hills — A co-worker of Danielle Stislicki testified Monday that he saw her with the man accused of killing her on the day she disappeared nearly three years ago.

During a preliminary examination for Floyd Galloway Jr. in 47th District Court, Brandon Williams said he was driving away from the MetLife building in Southfield where he and Stislicki worked on Dec. 2, 2016, when he saw Galloway, a security guard, sitting in the passenger seat of her vehicle as they drove away on Telegraph. 

Galloway, a convicted sex offender, is charged with premeditated murder in the disappearance of Stislicki, a Farmington Hills resident whose body has not been found.

Police theorize Galloway, a former security guard at Stislicki’s office building, somehow lured her to his Berkley home.

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Among those called to the witness stand Monday was Stislicki’s mother, Ann Stislicki, who said her daughter was acquainted with Galloway but “wasn’t interested in him.” Several of the missing women’s co-workers also testified before Judge William Brady.

Others said they saw Stislicki standing in the MetLife parking lot talking to a man fitting Galloway’s description who had the hood of his vehicle raised as if he was having engine trouble.

A cab driver said she picked up a fare at a Tim Horton’s restaurant at Grand River and 10 Mile and drove him to an apartment less than a mile from what has been identified as Stislicki’s apartment. The cab driver identified Galloway in a photo lineup provided by police, said he appeared “calm and low key” and that Galloway said he was visiting a girlfriend and his “car was broken.”

Farmington Hills Detective Ryan Molloy said Galloway was interviewed at a Rochester Hills company where he had been working as a security guard since October 2016. Galloway told police he had heard from a friend that Stislicki had disappeared and said the last time he had seen her was several months earlier.

“He was stand-offish and stared at a wall (during questions),” Molloy said, adding when given a business card, Galloway’s “hands were shaking.”

Molloy said police interviewed Galloway’s wife, who was in a Detroit hospital at the time of Stislicki's disappearance. Evidence gathered by police with a search warrant included a piece of bedroom carpet containing “biological material” and a mattress. The significance of those seizures has not been made clear.

Galloway was arrested in the September 2016 attempted sexual assault and kidnapping of a female jogger in Hines Park. In a plea agreement, he was sentenced and is serving a 16 to 30 year sentence.

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