Pontiac teenager in custody after kill list found at school

Breana Noble
The Detroit News

A 14-year-old Pontiac boy was in custody after the Oakland County Sheriff's Office found a list of weapons and targets at school on Friday morning.

The teen was held at the Oakland County Children's Village detention facility pending "the issuance of criminal charges," Sgt. Christina Maher said Sunday. A juvenile intake hearing has been scheduled, she said, but she had no information on the date.

Pontiac Academy of Excellence charter school contacted authorities Friday after the boy included "killing people" on a list of things he said that made him happy for a school assignment, according to the Sheriff's Office. His teacher had asked all of her students to write three things that make them happy and three things that make them sad as a part of the lesson.

When the teacher questioned him further, the boy told her that he had a list of students and teachers he wanted to kill, according to the Sheriff's Office. A list was found in the student's possession and included several types of weapons and how many rounds of ammunition each would hold, police said.

County deputies responded to the school at 9:56 a.m. Friday and spoke with the teacher.

The school also contacted the boy's father. Deputies transported the teen to the Pontiac substation to speak with detectives while his father was present, police said.