Walled Lake dispensary to giveaway hundreds of Popeyes chicken sandwiches

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

A Walled Lake dispensary is using a unique tactic to lure potential customers this week.

The owner of The Greenhouse of Walled Lake Cannabis Dispensary is giving away hundreds of chicken sandwiches to first-come, first-served customers from 5-7 p.m. Friday.

The Greenhouse, located at 103 E. Walled Lake Dr. in Walled Lake, is giving away 200 Popeyes chicken sandwiches Friday.

But they're not just any chicken sandwiches.

Owner Jerry Millen will have 200 of the limited-time Popeyes chicken sandwiches that have caused long lines across the country.

The high-demand sandwich from the fast-food chain returned on a Sunday, in a slam to poultry rival Chick-fil-A, which is closed that day of the week.

Crimes have occurred because of the sandwich. A man was arrested Thursday in the fatal stabbing of another man who was accused of cutting the line for Popeyes chicken sandwiches in Maryland. A man also pulled out a gun after a Texas Popeyes ran out of the supplies in September.

Millen, who opened the shop in February, intends to stand in the line so his future customers don't have to. He's also staging a Willy Wonka-type contest.

"I am selecting five of the 200 chicken sandwiches and placing $100 gold Greenhouse gift certificates in each of them," Millen said.

Millen said he got the idea after friends were raving about the sandwiches and, after trying one, he said they were great.

"I bought like 40 to my staff, they liked them, but it was actually one customer who saw the bag outside and said he was dying to try one," Millen said. "I gave him one and I can not believe how excited this guy was to get this sandwich. He was a first-time customer and I thought, you know what, let's put smiles on others' faces."

The chicken sandwiches are free to all, whether people are shopping for cannabis products or not, he said.


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