Suspect in 'one-man crime wave' arraigned on multiple charges

George Hunter
The Detroit News

Pontiac — A 25-year-old man police say is responsible for a "one-man crime wave" that included attempted armed robberies, carjackings and assaults in Pontiac was arraigned Tuesday on multiple charges.

Mark Jerome Hoover was arrested Friday after, Oakland County Sheriff's officials say, he committed or attempted to commit at least 10 crimes in a 90-minute span.

Mark Hoover

Several of his attempted carjackings were thwarted, police said. One woman kicked him and honked her horn, causing him to bolt; while he was unable to start another car he tried to steal, according to police.

“In my career I’ve never seen one person cause this much damage with so many victims in such a short time,” Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe told The Detroit News Monday. “He was a one-man crime wave.

“It was like a Quentin Tarantino movie — only live," McCabe said.

According to a press release Tuesday from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Hoover was charged before 52-4 District Court Magistrate Clement Waldmann in nine separate cases.

The charges include nine counts of carjacking; sexual assault, kidnapping, home invasion and other alleged offenses.

Hoover is scheduled to appear Jan. 2 in Pontiac's 50th District Court for a probable cause conference and Jan. 9 for a preliminary examination.

Hoover's alleged crime spree started when police say he tried to steal a neighbor's purse in the 300 block of Ferry Street. Police say he demanded the woman's car keys, although she didn't comply. He then ran to his house, and, when deputies arrived, he escaped out a back window, police said.

Later, another attempted carjacking went awry, police said, when he was unsuccessful after he pointed a gun at kids sitting in a car parked in a driveway in the 400 block of S. Jesse. 

Police say Hoover then made his way to the intersection of Osmun and Sanford, where he allegedly leveled his handgun at a woman as she drove her car, and demanded she stop. Instead, the woman drove away, and Hoover bolted on foot, police said.

Next, Hoover allegedly approached a woman who was sitting in her car in a driveway In the 200 block of Willard. Police say he opened the driver's side door and pointed a handgun at the woman. Instead of complying with demand to exit the vehicle, the woman kicked Hoover and honked her horn, police said. Hoover again ran away.

In the 200 block of Whittemore Street, Hoover allegedly approached a woman and her granddaughter as they puled into a driveway. Police say he pointed his gun at the woman and demanded she turn over her keys and purse. Hoover grabbed the purse and entered the car — but deputies say he couldn't start it, so he jettisoned the purse and fled on foot.

According to deputies, Hoover finally was able to successfully steal a vehicle, which was left unoccupied with the engine running in the 90 block of S. Jessie. Hoover abandoned the car a few blocks away, police said.

Hoover then allegedly forced his way into a home in the 200 block of Norton Avenue, and threatened at gunpoint to kill the homeowner. The pair grappled, and police say Hoover snatched the homeowner's cellphone and ran away.

The alleged crime spree continued on Cass Avenue, where Hoover approached an Amazon delivery truck, forced his way inside, and told the female driver he was going to rape her, according to investigators. The woman tried to jump out of the truck, but her foot got stuck in the door, and police say Hoover dragged her for about 20 yards before crashing the truck in the 100 block of Gladstone.

Hoover then made his way to the 40 block of Matthews Street, police said, where he allegedly approached a vehicle occupied by two adults and four young children. Police say Hoover pointed his gun at the driver and ordered everyone out of the vehicle. He then allegedly hit the driver over the head with the weapon, although the man was able to drive away, police said.

Hoover was finally arrested after he allegedly approached another car on Matthews Street that was occupied by two men. Police say he forced one of the men to drive him somewhere. Oakland County deputies chased the vehicle, and the driver stopped — but Hoover jumped out of the car and sprinted away. Deputies chased him and arrested him, police said.

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