Bloomfield Hills — A veteran Oakland County police chief arrested Nov. 30 for drunken driving pleaded guilty Monday to impaired driving and was sentenced to one year probation, community service and other conditions.

Lake Angelus Police Chief Michael Farley was pulled over on Cass Lake Road near Orchard Lake Road by Keego Harbor police after a citizen reported suspicious driving of a Ford pickup truck in that area.

When stopped, Farley, 58, was reported to have been cooperative with police during a field sobriety test but was unable to count backwards and nearly fell over twice while asked to stand on one leg.

Farley, who told the officer he had consumed four drinks, subsequently blew a 0.15 blood alcohol level, nearly double the 0.08 at which a motorist is considered drunk under Michigan law.

The offense is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail. First-time offenders often will receive a more lenient sentence, provided they meet the conditions of their probation.

“My client has no prior drinking and driving incidents and no prior criminal history,” said attorney Jose Fanego, who accompanied Farley before 48th District Judge Marc Barron. “I believe the judge took all that under consideration as well as his 40 years of service as a police officer.”

Barron ordered Farley to perform 30 hours of community service, attend a victim’s impact panel and have no alcohol consumption for the next year, during which time he must submit to random tests for alcohol as part of his probation. The state will place Farley on a restricted driving license for 90 days, during which he will only be permitted to drive for work or as directed by the court for tests.

Fanego noted the Lake Angelus City Council and mayor have given his client a vote of confidence and he remains chief of police.

In a statement released after his arrest, Farley said the events of Nov. 30 were “disappointing” and he intended to accept responsibility for his actions.

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