Oakland Co. wife to get parole interview in slaying case

Tina Talbot, the Oakland County woman who was convicted last year of killing her husband, could be a step closer to freedom.

Talbot, whose conviction spurred an online petition drive supporting her release as a victim of domestic violence, is scheduled for an initial review conference via video Monday with a member of the Michigan Parole Board. Afterward, that member will report to the full board, which will decide whether to move forward with a  public hearing.

Tina Talbot

Talbot, 52, was sentenced last April  to 20 months to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter in February 2019 in the death of Milosz Szczepanowicz, 45.

Talbot's attorney Jerome Sabbota said she was a victim of domestic violence and was defending herself when she fatally shot her husband at their Waterford home in September 2018.

Talbot had been abused for two decades and was beaten so badly in the days before her husband's death that she had to seek medical treatment, her attorney said.

“This was really a violent guy,” Sabbota said. “(Talbot) is not an individual that really has malice. She acted in self-defense and her child. (Sczepanowicz) had been threatening for a long time to kill both of them.”

If the parole board moves forward with a public hearing, it will be required to send notices to the sentencing or successor judge as well as the prosecutor on the case to allow them 30 days for comment or objections, according to Holly Kramer, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Corrections.

If the parole process is completed quickly, Talbot could be granted a commutation and leave prison in August. She would be under a four-year term of parole supervision, which is required for commutations.

If Talbot’s sentence is not commuted, the earlier possible release date for her would be Nov. 13, with a two-year parole term, Sabbota said.

Talbot is seeking to be released to care for her son, who has autism and is being cared for by his grandparents.


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