Bloomfield Township — Even after being charged with embezzling nearly $700,000 from a college scholarship fund, Craig Alvin Maass apparently hoped he could still travel to Miami for last weekend's Super Bowl.

A friend showed up at an arraignment hearing Friday for the Bloomfield Hills man in 48th District Court, carrying $50,000 cash to bail Maass out of the Oakland County Jail so he could make the trip, Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Tuesday.

Magistrate Julie Nelson-Klein, however, decided against letting the alleged embezzler fly south to watch the title tilt between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, the sheriff said.

 "The magistrate was told Maass and his friend planned to head to Florida to attend the Super Bowl game in Miami," said Bouchard. "Apparently the charges — or alleged damage done to others — was not that much of a concern. 

"The magistrate decided a higher bond was needed and set it at $700,000 no 10%," the sheriff said. "He didn't make the trip and is still our guest here."

Maass, 60, is charged with six counts of embezzlement by a fiduciary over $100,000, a 20-year felony, the sheriff's office said. 

Officials said fiduciaries of the Oakland Hills Caddie Scholarship Trust discovered irregularities while preparing forms for the Internal Revenue Service. The trust has awarded more than $1 million in 40 years to young caddies to help with their educations. The fund raises money by soliciting donations from members of the Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Township.

After finding the accounting discrepancies, they requested a forensic audit, which indicated Maass had embezzled $697,000 from the trust and converted it for his own personal use. The trust's board members then contacted the sheriff's office to investigate.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for Maass' financial records and presented their findings to the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office for review. Prosecutors authorized charges against Maass.

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