'The silent majority is real,' Tiffany Trump tells women in Oakland Co.

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Birmingham — Tiffany Trump met with young women Thursday in Oakland County, saying her father has “delivered for the millennial generation across the country.”

President Donald Trump's youngest daughter gathered with 50 women at a designer store, Christiane Larue, for a “Breakfast with Tiffany” event, where she said the future of America lies in the hands of young female leaders. Trump was excited to return to Michigan, where she spent time growing up at her grandfather's in Clarkston, she said.

Tiffany Trump answers questions from young women about her father's policies during and Q & A at Christiane Larue women's clothing store.

She celebrated the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, saying it was a pivotal move with "such an incredible and inspirational woman."

"She's done so much for all women regardless of your politics, to see a woman on the court again is an incredible thing," said Trump, 27. "She's the first justice appointed to have children (seven) and she follows the Constitution and wants to abide by the law as it's written."

Trump also touted her father's signature of legislation providing paid parental leave for federal workers and his advocacy of pharmaceutical price cuts and charter schools.

A small group of young women listens during the Q &A with Tiffany Trump at Christiane Larue women's clothing store.

"Now is not the time that we can be silent anymore," she said, five days ahead of the election. "We can see now how much my father has accomplished ... We have to stay, fight and be strong. There are a lot of us. The silent majority is real and especially this election, we're going to see that the silent majority isn't very silent."

Trump attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduated from Georgetown Law in May and will take her bar examination in February. She said wants to focus on privacy laws and the future of technology in law.

"I've grown up in the media and now with social media, we're learning more about the lack of privacy laws and as we advance with technology, we see how it affects our lives, our emotions and our mental health," she said. "Its ties to suicide rates made me want to get more involved in the tech aspect of law."

Meredith Davis of Flushing, who attended the event, said she’s an avid supporter of the administration and was excited to hear Trump speak as she also pursues her bid for Genesee County commissioner.

”I've been involved for five years now and believe there's so much we can do to try and flip the county and move it forward by trying to keep young couples in the area," said Davis, a 27-year-old who works in marketing and real estate. "People are passionate about being for or against Trump, so I think that's going to drive people to the polls. If I were elected, I would increase support to our public safety and stand behind our police department."

Tiffany Trump visited Oakland County ahead of her father, who is expected to rally voters at the Oakland County International Airport in Waterford at 1 p.m. Friday. He is also scheduled to visit Sterling Heights on Sunday and Grand Rapids on Monday. The president also spoke to thousands of people in Lansing on Tuesday.

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Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes in 2016, his closest margin of victory nationally over Democrat Hillary Clinton. However, polling has shown Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who will visit Michigan on Saturday with former President Barack Obama, ahead in the state.

Overall, Biden was up 49.3% to 41.6% over Trump in a Detroit News/WDIV-TV poll of 600 likely voters over the three days following Thursday's final debate in Nashville.

Oakland County, Michigan's second most populous county, is a key battleground this fall that's been trending against Republicans. Three state House seats, currently held by Republicans, are up for election in the county that Democrats are hoping to flip.

Meredith Davis, 27, of Flushing, came to hear Tiffany Trump speak.

Trump lost Oakland County by 8 percentage points to Clinton in 2016. Two years later, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette lost the county by 17 percentage points to Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest child, spoke to a crowd of 300 on Monday in Macomb County, saying “crowds this year make 2016 look like nothing” as he spoke in a half-empty gymnasium.

The women at Thursday's event asked Tiffany Trump to "humanize her father" with stories of growing up and she said while her mother raised her very healthy, while in New York, Trump would sneak her downstairs to buy an Almond Joy.

"He's a tough guy especially with work because he wants to accomplish what he says," Trump said. "He's a New Yorker, so his personality is what everyone focuses on but he listens so much and tries to understand and engage other opinions. It's a beautiful thing."


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