Get photogenic at The Pose Experience selfie museum in Southfield

Edward Pevos

Southfield – It’s hard not to make yourself look photogenic at this new space in Metro Detroit. This is The Pose Experience, selfie museum and interactive event space, now open in Southfield.

Located at 15618 West 10 Mile Road, this space isn’t just for people who want to take selfies with visual backgrounds, it’s also a spot where people can take creative engagement or graduation photos. It’s a space for a fun night out with friends and it can also be used to help individuals and area businesses with their content and to expand their social media reach.

“We’re ideal for photo shoots, for boutiques, for models and for small businesses that need to get content done,” co-founder Danielle Hughes told MLive. “We can also double as a content creation studio. Any business that needs a boost in their Instagram social media content.”

John Anderson of Detroit take a selfie with his wife Bridgette at The Pose Experience in Southfield.

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Designed photo-op spaces include the personal hall of frames, vintage pay phones, fire red locker room, donut wall, Vogue Magazine booth and Venetian rose bath.

“We want to change this up every few months. These stations will change and we will have different collaborators,” said co-founder Dr. Danielle Penson. “One of the things we want to do is collaborate with area youth and have them create a station. This is a community opportunity for us to connect and give people an opportunity to be as creative as they can.”

Monroe Milobinski, left and Reese Feltman have their photo taken by Danielle Feltman at The Pose Experience's floral wall.

Tickets at $28 each must be purchased online by clicking here ahead of time to reserve your space. If you bring a professional photographer with you, that individual also requires a ticket. Food and pets are not allowed in the space. Private photo sessions are $250.

“You will have a 45 minute experience with your ticket, or you can book it for a private shoot for an hour and you can have up to 10 individuals with you and we can also rent it for small events,” added Dr. Penson.

Linnea Nelson has her photo taken by Dewayne McAllister at The Pose Experience in Southfield.

The Pose Experience is following COVID safety protocols. They do a deep clean for 15 minutes after each session. Masks must be worn at all times. You can take your mask off briefly when taking photos. There will also be temperature checks upon entering.

“This is an opportunity for people to come in and have a moment outside of home. This is making a moment in the moment. We want you to come in and be able to get dressed up and just have a day out with your girls.”