Hazel Park K-9 dies after widespread cancer discovered during surgery

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Hazel Park Police Department lost one of its own Friday when a K-9, Lando, died after veterinarians discovered that "cancer had overtaken his body."

"He was a tough dedicated member of this department (who) hid his sickness," Hazel Park police said onFacebook. 

Lando had been in training just a day prior, and had "performed perfectly," police said.

Lando, a K-9 with Hazel Park Police Department, died Friday after widespread cancer was discovered during surgery.

But when he couldn't keep food down anymore, Lando's illness was revealed.

He was taken in for an ultrasound, and a cancerous mass was discovered, the department said. 

Surgery revealed the extent of the cancer.

"He was not woken from his surgery," the department said.

In November 2019, Lando and his handler, Officer Michael Kasdorf, came in first place in an online voting contest and won a free, customized Chevy Tahoe for their use. 

2019:Hazel Park police win free SUV for K-9 program

The contest was organized by Massachusetts nonprofit Vested Interest in K-9s. Because of a large donation, a second K-9 team, Heiko and Officer Justin Reeves of the Marysville Police Department in St. Clair County, also received an SUV.

Lando became a bit of a local celebrity in the process when the department put his name and face on a billboard on Interstate 75 and received TV news coverage for the effort.

"I would probably take a bullet for this dog," Kasdorf said at the time.