Auburn Hills crab's infatuation with toy leads to TikTok stardom

Gracien Lorincz
The Detroit News

A Michigan crustacean who loves a stray plush dropped in his tank has gone viral on TikTok.

Thanos the crab, who resides at the Sea Life Michigan aquarium in Auburn Hills, was immediately captivated by a toy alligator that a guest had accidentally dropped into his habitat. He refused to let go as an aquarist tried to remove the toy. 

The video showcased on the Sea Life North America TikTok page has been viewed over 4.4 million times.

Many TikTok viewers commented on the video requesting for a follow-up as to whether or not Thanos was able to keep his toy. Thanks to all of his new found internet friends, the crab was able to get his alligator back. 

He welcomed his friend back into his enclosure with open claws.

Prior to his time in the aquarium, Thanos, 2, was rescued from a commercial fishing bycatch. He can be seen in up close in a pop-up bubble inside his habitat in the Mangrove Exhibit at Sea Life Michigan at Great Lakes Crossing Outlet.