Two foreign nationals found with $1 million of drugs in Oakland County

Mike Martindale
The Detroit News

Pontiac — Following a month-long investigation, two foreign nationals in the U.S. illegally have been charged with attempting to deliver 10 kilograms of cocaine valued at $1 million, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Wednesday at a press conference.

Rosario Eduardo Trejo Quintero

The pair – Rosario Eduardo Trejo Quintero and Hong Yuan Li – were arrested on April 21 when undercover Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team officers on surveillance observed Quintero arrive at a Pontiac location from an Uber ride and deliver a duffle bag to Li, who was driving another vehicle. Quintero was standing at the passenger window of Li’s vehicle when officers approached the men, opened the bag containing the cocaine and took both into custody.

Quintero, 44, has an address in the Mexican state of Sinalo, Bouchard said. Li. 40, is a Chinese national whose last known address was in New York City.

“Quintero was here on an expired visa and Li was previously deported in 2006,” Bouchard said.

Hong Yuan Li

Bouchard said the pair were found with $3,600 in cash, and Li was armed with a Taurus 9 mm handgun. The driver of the Uber ride was questioned but not detained by officers.

Bouchard would not discuss why the pair were under surveillance or what connections, if any, they have in Michigan. He would not discuss what police believe the relationship between the two men is.

“It is well known in law enforcement across the country that people entering or staying in this country illegally are trafficking large amounts of narcotics that result in hundreds of thousands of deaths in America,” Bouchard said. “The borders must be secured and the criminals trafficking narcotics held accountable for the destruction they are wreaking and families and communities.”

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard announces the arrest of two men and a seizure of 10 kilograms of cocaine during a press conference at the Oakland County Sheriff’s office, in Pontiac on April 27, 2022.

Both men are charged with the delivery and manufacture of cocaine over 1,000 grams, a felony that carries a penalty of up to life in prison and a $1 million fine. District Court Magistrate Rob Morad set a $1 million bond for each man and scheduled a May 3 probable cause conference in Pontiac District Court.

Quintero has no prior criminal history. Li has a prior misdemeanor conviction from 2004 in Newago County for a driver’s license offense.

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