Man accused of leaving cellphone in Birmingham salon's bathroom to record people

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Birmingham — Police are investigating reports that someone allegedly left a cellphone in a salon's bathroom to record people.

Birmingham Police Cheif Mark Clemence said the incident "is currently an open investigation."

According to media reports, officers were called May 10 to a salon on Woodward after workers found the phone in a bathroom trash basket. They said the phone had been recording for at least three hours.

They called police and told them they suspected a man who had come into the business to make an appointment and left the phone behind when he used the restroom. After staff told the man he had to leave a credit card number to hold an appointment, he said he would return and left.

WDIV (Channel 4) reports the man called later to make an appointment. Sometime after that, a worker cleaning the restroom found the phone.

When the man employees suspected returned for his appointment, he asked to use the restroom again to allegedly collect the phone, WDIV said. He exited the restroom and appeared upset.

The suspect reportedly confessed to police that he put the phone in the bathroom to record people and was arrested for eavesdropping, according to WDIV.

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