State police probe possible weekend carjacking in Royal Oak Twp.

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

A man's gun is missing after he may have been carjacked over the weekend and Michigan State Police said they are investigating, officials said. 

The incident reportedly happened before 6:45 p.m. Saturday in Royal Oak Township, they said.

Troopers were flagged down by a man on foot near Eight Mile and Wyoming Avenue. The man told them he had been carjacked in a Burger King parking lot.

Officials said the man was highly intoxicated and nearly incoherent. He was unable to provide troopers with any details about the alleged carjacking or his phone number or address.

Troopers called medics who took the man to a hospital to be treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Hours later, state police spoke to the victim at the hospital. He told them he was filling his car's gas tank when he was approached by two men. The men took his car and fled, he said.

However, he also told troopers he was not completely sure his vehicle was taken from him.

Furthermore, he told police his handgun was in the trunk of his vehicle when the alleged carjacking happened.