Northville Public Schools gives police key fobs to speed response during emergencies

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Northville — Northville Public Schools officials Wednesday provided three police departments with special key fobs that will enable officers to get inside the district's buildings faster during emergencies.

The school system gave the fobs to officers with the Northville Township Police Department, the City of Northville Police Department and the Novi Public Safety Department. Police officially received the fobs during a news conference Wednesday in the Northville High School parking lot.

Northville Public Schools Superintendent RJ Webber announced Wednesday at a news conference that the district was providing police additional key fobs that will provide them faster access to the district's buildings during emergencies.

Previously, the district issued a limited number of fobs, which rotated among on-duty officers. The devices enable officers access to any door equipped with a special fob reader.

Officials said the objective of issuing the additional fobs is so that more officers have them on them at all times, enabling them to respond to emergencies at Northville Public Schools' buildings in the three communities.

"I like the idea that if an off-duty police officer is out having breakfast and a situation happens at one of our schools, then the officer can hustle over to the school and gain access through any of the doors with their fob," RJ Webber, district superintendent, said in a statement. "The faster our officers can get into our buildings, the better. Time is everything."

Northville Township Police Chief Scott Hilden said the fobs will help officers respond to emergencies at Northville Public Schools faster.

"Seconds matter, they're incredibly important in an active threat situation," he said during Wednesday's news conference. "We cannot afford to have any type of delay in entering a school. By having (these) fobs, it's going to let our officers immediately get to the threat and immediately stop it."

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