— Convicted felon and former Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers was released from probation eight months early Wednesday.

The move by U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn ends a criminal case involving one of Detroit’s most powerful politicians, and wife of Congressman John Conyers, D-Detroit. Monica Conyers went to prison in September 2010 after pleading guilty to accepting at least a $6,000 bribe for her deciding vote on the 2007 Synagro Technologies Inc. sludge contract.

Monica Conyers was among at least 32 people — including former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick — convicted of criminal charges during a years-long corruption investigation by the Justice Department.

Defense lawyer Steve Fishman said his motion asking for Conyers’ release was a routine request that is common in federal court.

She was released from a West Virginia federal prison in December 2012 after serving more than two years of a 37-month sentence. The prison was dubbed “Camp Cupcake” because of its low security and mountainous setting.

Conyers was supposed to be on supervised release until May 2014.

Citing the U.S. Probation Department, defense lawyer Steve Fishman wrote in a court filing that Conyers was eligible for early termination because she was classified as low-risk, complied with probation conditions and met the department's new risk-based assessment policy.

“(Conyers) has complied with the rules and regulations of supervised release and is no longer in need of supervision,” Senior U.S. Probation Officer Matthew Sudduth wrote in a court filing Wednesday.

Conyers has worked at Neighborhood Legal Services since October — and received a promotion — after a stint at an auto body shop in Corktown.

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