Workers find dead baby goat at Russell Industrial Center

Tom Greenwood
The Detroit News
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Detroit — Was it meant to be a meal, a grisly joke or some sort of a weird sacrifice?

Employees at the Russell Industrial Center were shocked and disturbed by the discovery of a dead baby goat found burned and with its throat slit in the center’s parking lot late Monday morning.

“The goat was gutted and there were two chalk circles around it,” said Vilay Menorath, who works as a bookkeeper at the complex, located in the 1600 block of Clay, near Interstate 75 and Russell.

“It’s like the circles were done ritualistically. I received a call from another tenant at about 11 a.m. reporting that they could see it from their window on the fifth floor.”

Accompanied by a security guard, Menorath went down to take a look and was disturbed by what she saw.

“It was horrible, like something out of a horror movie,” said Menorath, who was shocked by something else she discovered.

“It looks like someone with a child may have been living in the weed covered lot next to the parking area,” Memorath said.

“That’s where I found a stroller, baby diapers and a couch. The area is so overgrown you couldn’t see them from the building. The possibility of small children living in an area where a goat may have been sacrificed is disturbing.”

Menorath called the discovery in to police who suggested they call the Michigan Humane Society. (The Detroit News called the Detroit Police Department early Tuesday but was told there were no reports of the discovery of a dead goat.)

According to Menorath the Humane Society said they didn’t deal with dead animals and suggested calling animal control.

“Animal control also said they don’t deal with dead animals and gave us another number to call,” Menorath said.

“We called and a guy showed up with a truck, but he wouldn’t take it away either.”

At that point Menorath called Fox 2 News and asked for their help.

“It was now 5 p.m. and the goat was still there,” she said.

“They came out and did a story which got the police to come out and do an investigation. Then somebody from animal control removed the goat and then on Tuesday the Humane Society came out to do an investigation.”

Menorath doesn’t know what to make of the episode.

“I was wondering where you would find a baby goat in Detroit, but then I realized that Eastern Market isn’t that far away,” Menorath said.

“Maybe somebody bought it over from one of the meat processors over there.”

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