Detroit — Detroit Fire authorities are continuing to investigate the cause of a blaze at an apartment complex on the city's west side Wednesday morning.

There were no known injuries in the fire at the Ramblewood apartment complex on Fullerton near Interstate 96. The fire affected about four or five apartments in the complex.

Kia Goodwin, 30, who lives on the second floor of the complex, said she was awakened by a fire alarm.

Goodwin, who lives with her three children at the apartment, said, "I heard an alarm. When I looked out the window, the other tenants told me it was a fire. It was just a little smoke. Over time, the fire grew and spread to the next apartment.

“I took my kids out of there. We were sleep. I didn't smell smoke. When I got out of the apartment, that's when I smelled smoke."

Donna Brooks, who also lives in the complex, was also awakened.

"I was basically sleep and they were telling me to come out," Brooks said. "We came out and there was fire on the other side."

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