Detroit — Police have arrested a man who allegedly shot a man, burned down a house to hide the evidence, and then shot two transgender women near Palmer Park.

The suspect, identified by police as Edwardo Ross, allegedly shot a 42-year-old man, James Foxhall, in a Detroit home on Aug. 15, Assistant Detroit Police Chief Steve Dolunt said.

“He dumped the body in Palmer Park, then torched the house to hide the evidence,” Dolunt said.

Within the next few days, two transgender women were shot in the same area. The shootings occurred late at night, and both women survived.

Police chased Ross after the most recent shooting, Dolunt said. “He flipped his car and ran away. We found his gun in the car.”

The man checked into a hospital for treatment, and later checked into a mental hospital in Macomb County, where he was arrested, Dolunt said.

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