— Crews responded early Thursday to a fire at a house near the Heidelberg Project on the city’s east side.

A fire broke out at the house known as the Detroit Industrial Gallery. Fire crews responded at about 4 a.m. Thursday. Damage to the roof and ceiling was visible in the early morning.

The house is decorated with figurines, placards and was painted different colors by artist Tim Burke. The house stands next to several others decorated by artist Tyree Guyton.

Several of Guyton’s Heidelberg project houses have burned over the last year in arson fires. Houses destroyed include the “Clock House,” “War House,” “Penny House,” “Numbers House,” “Obstruction of Justice House,” “House of Soul,” and most recently the “Party Animal House.”

The Heidelberg Project dates back to 1986, when Guyton and his late grandfather, Sam Mackey, started nailing found objects onto abandoned houses as an act of social protest and artistic expression.

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