Detroit officials are recruiting volunteers for the city’s annual Angels’ Night and highlighting efforts to keep streets safe leading up to Halloween.

Detroiters will patrol their blocks, keep their porch lights on and guard abandoned structures Oct. 29-31 as part of a citywide campaign to prevent fires and vandalism around the holiday. Volunteers and officials gathered Thursday on the city’s east side to post signs saying “This building is being watched” on abandoned homes and buildings to ward off would-be arsonists.

Mayor Mike Duggan said he plans to personally patrol the streets all three nights and urged residents and Detroit boosters to join him.

“Detroit has a great deal of positive momentum right now and we want to keep it going,” Duggan said, referring to the efforts to restore streetlights and remove blight. “Every city department is focused completely on making sure we have a successful Angels’ Night campaign and we are calling on every Detroiter to become a part of it.”

The city announced several ways residents and Detroit boosters can help:

■Watch Your Block Patrol Program: Block clubs, citizens’ radio patrols, community organizations and churches are encouraged to patrol a two- to three-block radius around their neighborhoods.

■Adopt-A-House Program: Volunteers watch or adopt vacant buildings in neighborhoods. Signs are posted on the building that say they are being watched.

■Porch Light Program: Volunteers turn on their porch lights or other outdoor lights between dusk and dawn.

■Eyes and Ears Program: Volunteers regularly look out their windows to check on suspicious activity and call 911 if they do see something out of the ordinary.

Volunteers are needed to patrol each of the three nights. .To volunteer or for information on Halloween parties and activities for children and teens, go to, a local recreation center or a police precinct, or call (313) 224-4415.

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