Fewer fires reported in Detroit for Halloween

Holly Fournier and Mike Martindale
The Detroit News

Detroit — The number of fires reported over the Angels' Night and Halloween period appears to be down compared to previous years, officials reported Friday night.

The number of fires over the two days before Halloween has been hovering under 100 since 2011.

"Preliminary numbers for today through 8 p.m. look very good, but no one is letting up," said city spokesman John Roach in an email Friday night. "We are hoping to continue the city's steady decline of Angels' Night fires over the years. We will provide a full update (Saturday) on how we did."

Trees and remnants of a house stand in the embers of an abandon dwelling fire at Mt. Elliot and East Warren just after midnight on Devil's Night Oct. 31.

Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens said "things have been quiet so far tonight" late Friday with no juvenile arrests and that arrest totals for the period covering both Angels' Night and Halloween were expected to be released over the weekend.

According to the city, between 12:01 a.m. Thursday and 12 a.m. Friday, there were 38 fires reported, one fewer than the same time period in 2013. That number includes house fires as well as a handful of vehicle fires, one garage fire and three trash fires, according to police.

Twenty-four of the fires initially have been deemed suspicious.

More than 3,500 volunteers registered to patrol the streets this year, up from about 1,700 last year. Police said the increase has helped reduce the number of fires. In the 1980s, the city experienced hundreds of arsons with more than 800 in 1984.

Fire totals

A total of 66 fires were reported for Wednesday and Thursday during this year's Angels' Night period. How that compares to previous years:

1984: 810

1994: 354

2010: 169

2011: 94

2012: 93

2013: 95

2014: 66

Source: Mayor Mike Duggan's office