— A man who police say beat his girlfriend to death with a hammer Friday at a southwest Detroit home was killed inside a Dearborn dry cleaning shop after he reportedly pulled a gun on a police officer.

The incident began around 1 p.m. Friday in the 5600 block of St. Lawrence, near McGraw and Lonyo, when a 59-year-old man beat his 64-year-old girlfriend with a hammer, Detroit Police Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt said.

“The (man’s) daughter told officers he was inside Macy Cleaners,” Dolunt said, referring to the dry cleaning shop on Schaefer in Dearborn, about two miles west of where the man allegedly killed his girlfriend.

Detroit police officers arrived at the cleaners about 2:15 p.m.

“The assailant was armed,” said Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad. “When the Detroit officer arrived at the store, the suspect drew his weapon, and the officer fired one shot, killing the man.”

The suspect died inside the store. Dearborn police are handling the officer-related shooting, since it happened in their jurisdiction.

“We’ll submit a warrant request to the Wayne County prosecutors for review when our investigation is complete,” Haddad said.

Both Haddad and Dolunt said it was unclear Friday why the suspect went to the cleaners.

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