Detroit — Internal Affairs investigators are looking into a possible threat against a Detroit Police Homicide officer who is involved in a separate internal probe.

Someone last week placed a compact disc with a bullet hole through it and a curse word scrawled across it on the windshield of Officer Kelly Mullins, who several months ago said Homicide Sgt. Joseph Abdella had called her a racial slur.

Police Chief James Craig moved Abdella to the Mounted Unit while Internal Affairs looked into the allegations.

Abdella said in a recent lawsuit that Mullins made the claim about the racial epithet because he was cracking down on overtime abuse by subordinate officers.

Craig stressed Saturday that no connection has been found between Mullins’ alleged altercation with Abdella and the latest possible threat.

“We’re not sure if this latest incident with the CD has anything to do with the internal investigation (about the racial slur), but we’re taking it very seriously,” Craig said Saturday. “It could be anything, but IA is definitely looking into it.”

The alleged overtime abuses are the target of a separate internal affairs investigation, which recently expanded into other units, including Sex Crimes and the former Narcotics Section.

The FBI and Internal Affairs also are jointly investigating possible criminal wrongdoing in the former Narcotics Section, which Craig disbanded in July because of longstanding problems within the unit.

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