Police are looking for the person responsible for spray painting an image of an angel pointing a gun at a police officer on a building in Midtown Detroit.

Officials with YouthVille Detroit discovered the graffiti Tuesday on its building on Woodward at Lothrop, police said. The image has since been covered.

"Obviously it's disheartening to all of us," said Detroit Police spokesman Adam Madera. "It not indicative of the entire city, only the individual who decided to do that."

Madera said police are seeking surveillance footage.

Ron Scott of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality said the person responsible for the graffiti should come forward. He said he finds it ironic that the person put the image on a building designed to be a safe place for children.

"Whoever did it should have the courage and first of all apologize to the owners of the building they defaced," he said. "If they feel that strongly about it, they should feel strongly enough to come forward and say 'I did it and this is why I did it.'... If he wants to criticize police, there are ways you do it."

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