Wayne County residents warned of jury duty scam

Holly Fournier
The Detroit News

Some residents in Wayne County are being targeted in a telephone scam involving payment to compensate for alleged missed jury duty, according to the Third Judicial Circuit Court.

At least one scammer has called a number of people, claiming they missed jury duty and must immediately pay a $500 fine to avoid arrest.

It is unclear how many people have been called or if anyone has made a payment to the caller, according to Zenell Brown, executive court administrator.

The court does not call potential jurors when they miss jury duty. Anyone who receives a call requesting payment for non-appearance is asked to obtain as much information as possible about the caller and report the incident to the local police department.

No payments should be made directly to the caller, court officials said.

People who miss jury duty are asked to call the court directly. Those who do not call the court may receive a mailed show cause order requiring a court appearance to explain any absences.

Individuals who miss jury duty at Coleman A. Young Municipal Center can call (313) 224-5650. Those who were scheduled to serve at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice can call (313) 224-2507.