Boy, 8, hit by stray bullet in Detroit

Tom Greenwood
The Detroit News

Detroit — An 8-year-old boy was in critical condition Thursday after being shot in the neck by a stray bullet while playing in his home on Wednesday night.

According to Sgt. Michael Woody, the incident occurred at about 10:50 p.m. in a house in the area of Evanston and Greensboro near Harper and Outer Drive on the city’s east side.

“Several children, ages 8 to 12, were playing in a second-floor bedroom in the front of the house,” Woody said. “They heard a loud bang, and the oldest child told the others to get down. That’s when the 8-year-old discovered he was bleeding and couldn’t get back up.”

Arriving officers determined the boy had been hit in the neck, just missing his spine.

“The officers rushed him to St. John Hospital,” Wood said. “He’s in critical condition, but the officers said he was talking and in good spirits on the way there. They said he was making jokes about running red lights in a police car and that he liked the flashing lights.”

Police have determined the shot came from outside the home.

“From the trajectory, it looks like it was a stray round,” Woody said. “Maybe from someone shooting into the air. It came down and hit the house. We’re canvassing the area, asking neighbors if they heard any shots being fired.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to either call 911 or the Ninth Precinct at (313) 596-5940.


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