Dearborn — It's time to mooove them critters out!

Animal control officers used to dealing with cats, dogs, raccoons and possums had their hands full on Thursday morning when they discovered a mini-farm in the southeastern part of the city near the Detroit border.

"They received a call about animals being kept in a yard," Lt. Doug Topolski said. "When they went to investigate, they found six cows, two calves and three pigs."

The animals were in an industrial area of the city, according to Topolski.

"They were in a large pen, which was surrounded by semi-trailers," Topolski said. "The owner said he had kept them at a farm but he lost his livery privileges. We occasionally get calls about someone keeping a lamb or goat in a garage to slaughter for meat, but this one is definitely different."

According to Topolski, the owner was given five days to find the animals a new home outside the city.

Ee-i, Ee-i, O!

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