Detroit cop exposes police health records by mistake

George Hunter
The Detroit News

Detroit — The Detroit Police lieutenant in charge of the department’s Medical Section could face discipline for sending out an email containing officers’ medical records.

Lt. Pastella Williams this week sent the email to let command officers know which officers were on medical leave, but the message also contained their medical histories.

“We’re holding the lieutenant accountable,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Thursday, although he didn’t say what sanctions she might face.

“Right now, the matter is under investigation. We think we intercepted most of those emails, but we need to find out how many people received them. We obviously don’t want our officers’ private medical records getting out.”

The incident is similar to an August 2013 information breach that made national headlines. A commander was ordering new bulletproof vests for a group of officers and forwarded an email with an Excel spreadsheet attached showing the female officers’ bra sizes.

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