Two Michigan residents whose entrance into Canada with a suspicious package caused a shutdown of the Detroit Windsor Tunnel earlier this week will not be charged for traveling with the unmarked commercial grade smoke bomb.

"No charges are expected in relation to the smoke bomb device as it is not classified as an explosive," Windsor police said in a statement Thursday. "The device has been deemed to be a commercial grade smoke bomb. It is not an explosive, it is classified as a firework."

The two men were arraigned Wednesday in a Windsor court on criminal weapons charges for carrying other prohibited items: a pair of brass knuckles and two butterfly knives.

The two were expected to return court Thursday, police said.

Windsor police earlier released information that misidentified the ages and hometowns of the two men.

Ernest Edwards, whom a Windsor police statement revised Thursday is an 18-year-old Alba resident, was charged by Windsor police with three counts of possession of a prohibited weapon and three counts of importing a prohibited weapon into Canada.

Police also clarified the hometown and age of Clarkston resident Kyle Martens, 29, who is charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and importing a prohibited weapon into Canada.

The Canadian Border Services Agency said no charges have been filed by its agency.

"Although the suspected explosive material was seized, no CBSA charges have been laid as it was deemed not to be a threat under the Explosives Act," the agency said in an email.

The pair were charged by police shortly after the discovery around 5 p.m. that resulted in the Detroit Windsor Tunnel closing in both directions as police investigated the package, police said.

The tunnel reopened by 9 p.m. Tuesday, Windsor police said.

Windsor authorities said the pair entered Canada in a 2004 Dodge Durango and were flagged for a secondary inspection, during which "a bag was discovered to contain a suspicious device."

Officials also found percussion caps inside the vehicle, which could be used in bomb making, police said.

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