Plymouth Township — A young couple charged in the robbery and homicide of an elderly Plymouth Township man late last year have pleaded guilty to the crime, police announced Friday.

Andrew Nutt, of Westland, and Mariah Pisarski, a Wayne resident, admitted Thursday they killed 76-year-old Kenneth Labita, a family friend of Nutt.

The couple pleaded guilty to various charges in the case. Nutt pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and felony firearm, which could bring him 27-60 years in prison.

Pisarski pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact and larceny of firearms. Her plea agreement called for a sentence of 2-5 years behind bars.

She will be sentenced March 12. Pisarski allegedly was prepared to testify against her boyfriend.

Nutt is 22 and Pisarski is 20.

The slaying of Labita occurred sometime around Oct. 24. Labita was shot in the head during the fatal robbery at his home. Police say the pair were looking for guns at Labita's home.

Both Nutt and Pisarski had been charged with first-degree murder.

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