Brownstown Township — Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a body that was found by hunters in a wooded area in October.

“The Michigan State Police have sent us a reconstruction of the deceased, which we hope someone can identify,” Det. Lt. Bob Grant said. “The body, which we know is that of a white male, was in pretty bad shape, which meant it had been there awhile. We do not believe it was a homicide. We aren’t releasing the cause of death until we can notify this person’s family.”

Police said the body was found on Oct. 29 in a wooded area off Inkster Road and just north of West Road.

“There are a few unique things, which may trigger some people’s memories,” Grant said. “The body was wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt and a new pair of white tennis shoes. And on his person, we found a small, blue, old-fashioned transistor radio.

“The kind that has an antenna that pulls out and is operated by batteries.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Brownstown Township Police Department at (734) 675-1300.

(313) 222-2023

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