Dearborn coney island worker shot in robbery attempt

James David Dickson and Tom Greenwood
The Detroit News

Dearborn — A restaurant employee at a coney island was wounded by gunfire early Tuesday during an attempted robbery.

According to police, the incident occurred at about 4:15 a.m. at the Dearborn Coney Island, located in the 3330 block of Telegraph between Michigan Avenue and Annapolis.

Police said two armed, masked men entered the rear of the restaurant while an employee was doing some repair work on the restaurant’s door.

One of the suspects ended up firing several shots, one of which struck an employee in the leg. He suffered a nonlife-threatening wound.

Owner Jouli Keti said the men had demanded to be taken to the safe upon their arrival. There wasn’t one, so an employee led the men from the back of store to the front and offered them cash from the register, which had a couple hundred dollars.

The worker was following Keti's instructions to the late shift: to give anyone posing a problem what they want. But one of the men shot the employee instead with what Keti described as a pellet gun.

The men left without taking a dime.

The employee, he said, refused ambulance care and walked away. He's home and resting, he said.

"He got lucky, thank God," Keti said.

Police brought in a K-9 unit to try and track the suspects, who escaped on foot.

Police were unable to provide a description of the suspects Tuesday morning.

“The Dearborn Police Department will aggressively investigate this crime and utilize all available resources to identify the suspects,” Police Chief Ronald Haddad said in a statement Tuesday. “We are urging the public to come forward and provide information to help identify the suspects involved in this crime.”

The coney island was closed for about two hours but has since reopened.