Live, from Southfield! It’s Bob Ficano. And he’s taking your calls.

The former Wayne County executive, who was voted out of office last year amid numerous scandals, has a deal to host a radio show on WFDF AM 910, station manager Dody Johnson said Monday.

The show, which is set to air 4-6 p.m. Saturdays starting Jan. 2, was first reported by Crain’s Detroit Business.

Ficano said he’s ready for the sometimes rough-and-tumble nature of talk radio.

“After 32 years in public life, I’m used to people disagreeing with me,” said Ficano, who served three terms as county executive and nearly 20 years as sheriff.

Johnson said the station’s owner, Kevin Adell, recruited Ficano to the station that features several political talk shows. The job is unpaid.

“Kevin Adell doesn’t want standard talk radio. He wants to be on the cutting edge and people with strong, unique voices,” Johnson said.

Since leaving office in January, Ficano has kept a low profile, teaching criminal justice classes at Wayne County Community College District and quieting rumors he’s plotting a comeback. Last month, he told The Detroit News he had no plans to campaign for a judge seat, as several have speculated.

He said he was approached about the radio show by Adell and Huntington Woods talent agent Mort Meisner and figured why not. It will focus on local and national politics, as well as public policy at work at the community college, Ficano said.

“It’s once a week for a couple of hours. ... It’s something on a Saturday. I can do it and still do other things as well,” said Ficano, 63.

“There’s no master plan involved in this.”

Laughing, Ficano said one reporter who aired stories about scandals into his administration has already asked to be a guest on the show.

Ficano left office amid an FBI investigation into his administration and numerous spending controversies, including severances, early retirements and a half-finished new jail project that was abandoned after the county spent several million dollars.

Several aides were charged and sent to prison for corruption, but federal officials cleared Ficano of wrongdoing when they closed the investigation.

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