Highland Park boil water advisory still in effect

Holly Fournier
The Detroit News

Highland Park — A boil water advisory remains in effect until further notice after a massive warehouse fire on Wednesday contributed to dangerously low water pressure throughout the city, officials said.

“The Highland Park Water system experienced low water pressure conditions where the quality of water could not be guaranteed,” officials said in a Friday press release. “As a precaution, a boil water advisory has been issued and will remain in effect until bacterial samples from the drinking water distribution system are tested...and proven free from coliform bacteria.”

The amount of coliform in water is used to indicate the sanitary quality of the sample, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Wayne County’s Department of Health, Veterans and Community Wellness joined the city in issuing the precautionary advisory Wednesday due to low water pressure after fire personnel fought a massive warehouse fire on the 14300 block of Hamilton. The low pressure may have allowed bacteria to enter the water system, officials said.

Residents and business owners are advised to bring water to a roiling boil for at least five minutes before using it for drinking or food preparation. The boil will kill bacteria and other organisms in the water. Residents also may use bottled water to prepare food and for drinking, making ice, coffee, pop or other beverages.

Restaurants should temporarily cease operations or follow instructions listed in the “Emergency Action Plans for Retail Food Establishments” guide available here.

Officials will notify the public when the boil water advisory is lifted, according to the press release. Food establishments must then take additional steps outlined in the guide before returning to normal operations.


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